$5,000 Canada Greener Homes Grant is on!
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Save on high energy bills by upgrading your windows...
2021 Rebate Program 
  • $125 OFF: ENERGY STAR Windows or Sliding Doors
  • $250 OFF: ENERGY STAR Hinged Doors
  • Financing: Speak With A Participating Contractor

You must purchase & install new windows from a Participating Contractor to get this offer.
An Energy Inspector will assist you with submitting your application to get this Rebate.  
Do you want to upgrade your windows? If so, then this will be the most important message you read today...
Old windows have been shown to increase energy bills by as much as 40%. Imagine saving up to 40% off your heating bill? According to the Canadian Ministry of Energy, over 25% of a home’s heating or air conditioning is lost through bad windows.

This is your chance to get a large discount when upgrading your windows or doors.
There are a limited number of rebates for this Canada wide program.  Sign up now to lock in your savings.

These incentives make it incredibly cost-effective to replace your windows and doors.

According to experts, when switching to energy-efficient windows you can earn back 60% - 90% of the costs, if you ever decide to sell your home.

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All products are manufactured in Canada & ENERGY STAR® Rated for superior energy efficiency.
Savings homeowners have recently received...
• Jane W. from Toronto saved $3,955 on her entire job - 12 Windows & 3 Doors.

-- --

• Nassir M. from Winnipeg saved $2,835 on his entire job - 11 Windows & 1 Door.  Plus qualified for MB Hydro's Special Financing with the help of one of our Participating Contractors.

-- --

• Don M. from Caledonia saved $1,695 on his entire job - 4 Windows & 1 Door.

-- --

• Xi P. from Edmonton saved $4,725 on his entire job - 17 Windows & 3 Doors.  Plus Xi qualified for $1,500 in Rebates from Energy Efficiency Alberta.

-- --

• Jane P. from Regina saved $4,095 on her entire job - 17 Windows.

-- --

Homeowners Of Canada works with participating contractors across Canada and provides a referral service to them. All participating contractors are qualified to participate in Homeowners Of Canada programs that are being represented on this website. 
Homeowners Of Canada is unaffiliated with the Government of Canada, Provincial Governments or utility companies. Homeowners Of Canada offers may vary by Province, Municipality and Utility Company. Homeowners Of Canada offers may be combined with rebates that may be available directly through participating contractors, manufacturers or distributors. You must qualify for Government Program rebates separately according to those program rules, your participating contractor will provide you with details on how to apply and qualify for those programs, and in certain situations may assist you with that process. All products are manufactured in Canada. All windows supplied through this program are certified to save at least 8% off utility bills on average compared to standard windows. Windows that qualify for the most efficient designation are up to 40% more efficient than standard windows. 

Rural areas outside of major city centres may not yet be serviced by participating contractors, we attempt to service all areas however if a participating contractor does not exist in an area, contact information submitted to us will be stored until a participating contractor for that area joins this program. 
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